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President Obama's election concretized the warning that Patrick Buchanan has been issuing for years, most particularly in his book, State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America. "Third world" is his euphemism for people who are not white. That title, and the mythology of a white America that so many want to restore, represent the Big White Lie.




The only "invasion" of America has been by whites--people who looked like Buchanan. This has never been a white country. There were no whites (i.e., Europeans) here when the first immigrants made contact with the indigenous "Indians." These immigrant Europeans utilized their more efficient weaponry to invade and occupy the land, systematically displacing or killing the indigenous people. They succeeded in taking control of the country, but "Indians" survive and continue to have a presence, however marginalized, in their ancestral homeland.


Europeans had been engaged in the capture and sale of Africans for more than a century when they "discovered" the New World. So it was a no-brainer in 1619 to bring Africans across the Atlantic to do the back-breaking work of developing the new country and making the most of the land's resources. Europeans held the reins of power, but the country was not "white" because the number of whites were diffused, especially in the South, where much of the slave labor was concentrated. Immigrants from Europe gradually set aside their disdain for each other--regional prejudices and national differences--to become "white"and thereby establish a cohesive group superiority over the "nonwhites" in their midst. The population of "colored" people expanded exponentially as white males took advantage of their power to rape the "inferior" women. The offspring of these legitimate rapes further diluted the number of whites.


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