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Not All Poor People Are Black

and other things we need to think

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A collection of essays about identifying and using the power we have as members of the American body politic to work together for our common good. The essays also emphasize our mutual dependency and cover a range of topics from personal and spiritual development to issues that impact our interactions with one another in the public sphere: the environment, economics, entertainment, mass transit, politics, and race relations.


“Choosing a Life in the Dark Age,” is one of the most courageous, and powerful pieces, that I’ve read in a very long time. “Rules for Women Who Can’t Do Enough” feels so personal, that it could be a private letter.
Dr. Sherri Bucher, Indianapolis

I'm only on page 3 and I'm already captivated by your story!
Maryellen May, Bloomington, IN

Well written, honest. So many thoughts reach me--are me. Your writing is concise, very clear.
Elaine Smith, Chicago

Your new book is a real page-turner! I hadn’t expected that from a book of essays. It is an outstanding combination of facts, insight, diverse perspectives and wisdom.
Betty Lucas-Ford, Bloomington, IN

"I want to thank you for your writing and advice. I’ve found the essays personally very interesting and helpful.... I also thought many of the [essays] were inspiring and funny.... It’s a wonderful book.
Jennifer Deam, Bloomington, IN